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Welcome to my blog! where I share my Pinterest Inspired DIY Projects and maybe some other things in life too!  I love all about DIY (with all that "easy to do & budget-friendly" projects), Home decor and yeah probably just about anything! 

I remember when I was still young, I will always move around my bedroom furniture and often think of how I can make it look good. I will decorate in my mind and visualize things in my head, as if, I have a computer design software in my brain! (Well up to now, I still do it! haha nothing has changed, I guess!) That's why I am so thrilled when we first bought our townhouse. Finally, I can decorate my own house and it's been an amazing journey!

I am a proud mom of two adorable boys, Jace & Liam; who turns my world upside down! I'm also married to a Police Officer/All around hubby! Our friends call him Jack of all trades master of none! as I call myself the Jill of all trades master of none as well! lol

I've been stay-at-home mom (for almost 7 years and counting), and it's never easy, but one thing I've learned, as a homemaker, it doesn't mean I can't enjoy or do the things I really wanted to do, instead I find ways to do what I love while taking care of my family. As a stay-at- home mom, I find fulfillment in what I do.

Also, I wanted to inspire people out there, who are starting to take interest on how to Do-It-Yourself thang or wants to learn (like me) that we can make our house beautiful too without breaking our bank! Plus even with no experience at all that ...Yes! We can do it!

I hope you enjoy, as I share our journey as we make this townhouse beautiful one budget at a time.
- Walt Disney

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