DIY Electric Fireplace

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas to all! Before the year ends, I wanted to share one more DIY project; It's our DIY Electric Fireplace! I wanted to have a fireplace for a very long time now. Finally, my husband agreed to do our DIY Electric Fireplace! Yay!

I posted a sneak peek on Instagram and on Facebook:

Before and After picture:


Here's how we did it (Well, done mostly by my husband):


It began with constructing with 2x2's and sheetrock. Probably wondering what's the pipeline for? My hard working hubby used it to organized the wires behind the wall. (For easy access)


When the sheetrock was up, He then put up the siding metal and started to putty the sheetrock. He also made holes for the electric outlets. We bought recessed outlet at Walmart.


Almost done! It took us one week to finish this project, but it was all worth it.

Honestly, I really wanted a bold shade, but I decided to settle with the family color of the living room which is neutral. (I used the leftover paint from our guest bedroom project)

Anyway, back to our DIY Electric Fireplace. After the putty, my husband places the crown molding and base molding for a built-in effect. We are going to continue with the crown molding throughout the entire house if we have enough budget. 

And here's the finish DIY Electric Fireplace (for now):

We are actually going to put an Airstone to our DIY Electric Fireplace, but we ran out of time and budget! (Hosting Holiday Parties this year)

Similar to these (but probably white/light shade stone): 


And that's it! Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you a happy New Year!


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