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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hi, Y'all! Before anything else I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and friends. 

Got some old frames? I'd like to share with you guys what I did to beautify our old frames that I got from my sister in law. 

B E F O R E :

I found some inspiration/ideas in Pinterest on how I can spruce up the old frames that I have. I saw one pinner/blogger that made a box frame out of her old picture frames. It's pretty neat. 

So, here's how I did mine: 


 I used the left over MDF sheet from the Cornice project. I cut the MDF sheet to size and nailed the pieces together.

I glued the frame to the MDF. I sprayed it with Rust-oleum glossy paint that I have in hand. 

 I'm planning to put the old frames in our guest bedroom.

 I also painted the MDF frame. I just spray painted the rest of the frames in white as well. Looking good or what?

And that's it! I spruced up my old frame to something new! 

A F T E R :

I got the artworks from Michaels while the metal elephant and the red ampersand from Marshalls.

By the way guys, I shared a sneak peek of our ongoing project right now. If you missed my post on Facebook and on Instagram

 I have one right here:

I'm super excited to share this with you all after we are done! Hoping next week! Thank you so much guys!

Til' next time!

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