Ikea bookcase makeover

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hello y'all! How I missed being a DIY mama! I've been very busy since the school started for my eldest son and me. Oh boy! going back to school is never easy, so I had to take a break on my little projects, but finally I had the time to share my Ikea bookcase makeover! So here it is.

Here is the B E F O R E + A F T E R :

 I had this Ikea bookcase for almost 5 years now, it used to be my TV stand. Oh well! Goodbye, dark brown bookcase! Time for a splash of paint!

What I did was, after I sanded the Ikea bookcase, I primed it with Zinsser's Primer for all surfaces.

I did it with 2 coats of primer, but as you can see in the picture below, dark stains are still showing
but I left it like that because I still have to paint this Ikea bookcase with glossy white paint anyways. 

After I primed it, I spray painted it with Rust-oleum (Gloss) apple red.

After the red sprayed paint, I painted the Ikea bookcase with a glossy white paint that I still have. (It was the left over from my other paint projects.)

Then I finished it, with Minwax Polycrylic for a protective finish and that's it! I'd say that waiting time is the only thing that makes this paint project challenging. So, if you don't like waiting, this project will definitely test your patience! haha

I've chosen red paint because the basket that I have for this Ikea bookcase was red, and probably it will add contrast to the room, don't you think? hmm? 

And here it is, up into my boys bedroom.

This is how I organized the books :)

Here what it looks like without the Ikea bookcase and the world clocks and my DIY Cornice.

B E F O R E :

A F T E R :

What do you think of the Ikea bookcase makeover? Can't wait to finish this room and share it with you guys. Anyways, thanks for reading once again! Hope y'all have a good day!

Happy Trick or Treating Everyone!


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