Dress Up your Window with an Upholstered Cornice!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello guys! I'm at 75% of being done at decorating my little munchkin's bedroom. Like, I said on my last post my next project will be an upholstered window cornice. :)

 This project actually cost me about $12 bucks! Yes! For only $12 dollars! You know why? My Mother in law, found this MDF/Plywood sitting on the Community's dumpster. When she told me about it, I didn't hesitate to get it because it was just the exact board I was looking for at Home depot. Oh boy! saved me like $20 dollars. Awesome! right?

I just basically followed this tutorial right here. Although, my hubby is the one who do the cutting for me. Hehe :) 


This is the batting that I used. It's a left over from my Guest Bedroom Headboard and Master's Bedroom King Bed Project. I covered the Cornice with batting.

Then, I upholstered it. To be honest, I didn't really like the fabric that I chose, so I might change it. lol

And it's ready to hang! I used the one that we already got. So another saved for me! The only thing I paid for this project is the fabric, which cost $3.70 per yard. I bought 3 yards. So that's why it amounts to $12 plus tax of course.

So here it is! My Upholstered Window Cornice! I chose not to put curtains because my little one sometimes thinks he is Tarzan! 

So, how to dress up plain window without curtains? Use blinds and an Upholstered Cornice!

Here is what the bedroom looks like now. Thank you for reading!


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