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Friday, August 21, 2015

DIY'ed Striped wall for my Boy's bedroom. I gave the bedroom blank wall some personality by adding a Striped Wall! I've always wanted to do a Striped wall, I can't just decide what room. I'm drooling over painted striped wall at Pinterest! Finally, I did it. Which I should've done a long time ago! (My procrastination at its best!) It's been 2 1/2 years since we moved and I haven't touched a thing on this bedroom!

B E F O R E :

There's a lot of tutorial on Pinterest how to do this. So, I'm not going to give you another one. Besides, I did mine the wrong way! (smh) but at least, I still got the same result! (Kudos to me?! haha) I should've read a tutorial first! (haha)

(It looks Black in the picture, but it's actually a deep blue color)

This is the paint samples that I've used Hale navy (I colored match it for Behr), Very Navy by Behr and Restless sea by Behr.

 I ended up with Very Navy because the Paint #1 is too dark and the other is actually green-ish rather than blue-ish. I actually had a second thought at the paint color that I chose, but I'm glad I stick by my decision to go with Color #2.

After I've done with my wall preparation; measured & taped the wall. I painted it. Usually, it starts base coating ,measuring, taping, and then painting the primary color. ( I've done the exact opposite! It's a long story) The technique in doing this striped wall is to remember to measure and tape very carefully.

Now, I always recommend using the Frog Tape when doing a painting project like this! See the difference between the two? I've learned that when I did my Herringbone wall, I didn't have clean edges after using the Blue Tape. I wanted to try the Frog tape, so badly after that and yes I am never going back to the Painter's aka Blue tape. 

Without further ado, Here is my finished Striped wall: 

A F T E R :

I bought the World Map at Ikea for $129 when it was on sale! It is usually priced for $149. I will soon post about the old Hamper that I updated (the red striped hamper) and the Ikea bookcase make-over as well. (white & red bookcase)

Finally! I've got the time and energy to face my Boy's bedroom (yes, they still sleep on the same bed with us!) and I think I have a separation anxiety, now that they are sleeping on their own room. (lol)

And that's that! my first move on the boy's bedroom. I still have a lot of To-Do's in this bedroom, so please, don't forget to come back for more :) and I'm guessing, you know what my next project will going to be! I wanted to DIY a cornice instead of curtains and I'm actually having a hard time choosing a good fabric to go with my blue striped wall. Should I go with solid or patterned fabric? Please let me know! Below in the comments section. Thank You.


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