DIY Stenciled {Herringbone} Wall

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello, there from my Herringbone wall! I think this is my first paint project in our house. It's fun to do but simultaneously tiring.

B E F O R E :

I did have a hard time trying to figure out the measurement of this DIY stenciled herringbone. I did it like 5-8 times putting all the painter's tape, just to take it down again! I almost give up. haha 
It did get into my nerves!! like seriously! I guess, I'm not that really good in math!! 😝 So, I asked help from my brother-in-law; His measurements were pretty close to mine, but his turns out much better..(pretty much centered than mine) The measurements of the wall are 17.5" apart across the wall and the horizontal lines is 8".

Then after I'm done with the blue tape, I started to paint it! I used all my sample paints that I got from Benjamin Moore & Behr paint brands. When I was done, I quickly took off all the painter's tape slowly and carefully so it won't ruin my paint then I stepped back and admire my hard work. It's definitely worth my time!

After that little by little we started to add my office. :)


A F T E R :

and there it is my DIY Herringbone wall for my office! A great way to give your wall an upgrade without breaking your budget! 

Thanks for reading!


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