Black Door it is!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yes! The black door it is! My painting project extended all the way to my front door (actually just from the inside though) 

Here is what my Entry door (from inside) looks like after we did the board & battens project:

B E F O R E + A F T E R :

So here's how I painted my Black door, first time I ever painted a door.
I have a paneled door, I did the panels first then finally I painted the full height outer stiles and edge. It's pretty easy and quick, maybe because I only painted one side? and I also put painters tape around the door knobs, you can actually take it off if you want and just put back in if you are done. I didn't do it though because I opted for the easy way!

Same glossy paint that I used from painting my banisters. (Beluga by Behr)

I felt like something is missing, so I added something that will give a little bit of contrast to it. I thought this is the perfect time to use my vinyl! I love vinyl!! I love using it as labels :)


I made this using my Cricut explore machine :) My Eldest kid always read it before he goes to school! Sometimes, one way to remind ourselves is to read the ones we needed to hear, right?

So there is my Black Door!! 

Again, another project was done! Thanks for reading! (I am very sorry for the photos)


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