Ohh la la Black Banisters

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Oooh, how I love what you can do with paints! One of the best inventions ever?! right? I'm super duper excited to share with you guys what we've done this April for our monthly make-over! :)

What do I have here is the boldest decision I've ever made! --according to my husband!! lol 
Well, I did kinda doubt my designing/DIY skills while I was doing this project. haha 

Just look at these few black stairs where I got my inspiration from (there's tons of them): 

                                                (Click the pics for their awesome blogs!)

Aren't they super gorgeous? Ommgg but the thing is.. I'm not sure if I'm really gonna like it.. if I did it to my banisters too .. but I did it anyways..haha And Yes!! Thank God!! We end up liking it :) 
We liked it so much we are going to do our steps as well and remove the carpets; might not be in black paint though but in dark stains and we don't mind if the floors don't match our steps. 

So Here's How:

I prep it by putting all the blue tape around and everything that I don't want my black paint to touch. 

I lightly sanded the banisters then started painting the railings. I used Beluga by Behr Ultra in Glossy Paint. 

I only used the primer at the bottom because I wanted to see how does it looks like if it's white on the bottom, but it's a Nay! So, we decided to paint it black as well. And here is from another view:

Here is what it looks like from the Second floor:

I know, I have to add some more drama on those walls! Hanging decor perhaps? Hmm.

We are planning to remove our carpets in the future, If our budget allows us..lol we are going for a dark hardwood floors upstairs. And here is the view from going down the mudroom (We actually removed the carpet from the stairs and in the mudroom from our previous projects):

Let's take another look of our Before & After:

It's definitely a YAY for us!! We love how elegant it looks! We are in love! We can't wait to remove and stain those steps!! I am definitely going to update you on this one! Thank you so much for reading!


  1. It looks super AWESOME! You did a fantastic job, Abbey! -jean


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