Board & Batten as you Enter!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hello, y'all :) Glad to be back! Can't really do anything with this kind of weather here in New York! geez, I hate winter!! haha Anyways, How was your New year's guys? your Valentines day perhaps? Hope you guys had a blast! 

Well, I'm here for my February post since I can't really do stuff these past few months because of our brutal weather conditions! like seriously..I'm ready to move down South where it's always sunny!!

Our project was to add board & battens to our main entry. 

This what our Entrance looks like before:

We bought all of our supply at Home depot, it was actually an easy project especially with a pneumatic nail gun; make things a lot easier for us! (We just borrowed it from our neighbor! haha which is our brother-in-law) Nice to have a handy neighbor eh?! lol


Here you can see we put up the molding first for our top rail and then we worked our way to put the vertical battens. We chose to put up the top rail higher than the traditional 40". We did ours at 44".

We didn't really add the "boards" since our wall are smooth (not textured) as you can see in the pictures, so we used our existing drywall. (and saved us some money!) We chose to space our battens 17 1/2" apart so our nails will go into the studs.

Here I already painted the walls gray owl (Benjamin Moore) like the one from our Living room. The next step was to paint the board and battens! I used Behr's Polar bear (white) paint. (super glossy)

And I added some picture & art gallery to give it up some style to it. 

There you go! An easy upgrade for our home without breaking our bank and no need to hire a professional because it was surprisingly easy! :) It is now more inviting to walk in our main entry.

Thank you all for reading! Have a good day!


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