DIY Tufted Upholstered Bed

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy 2015 y'all! I can't believe another year past by and I sure hope for a good one this year for all of us! Anyhow, Here I am yet again starting a new year with a DIY post! lol 

This bed(picture below), is the one I drooled over before, but, of course, the price is not right for me! haha.. If I think I can D.I.Y it.I will try my hardest..of course with the help of my awesome partner.

Here is my Inspiration:
This beds are tag price for $400 up to $1,000+ ..not including shipping & taxes.. Well, the one I really wanted was priced for $800 plus shipping & taxes from joss & main which I think is not that bad but still. lol. I've decided to just make it ourselves and save the money for the upcoming Holiday season!! (oh yeah, the Christmas shopping!!) Yup, we did this before Christmas time. 
Anyways, we haven't really done anything with the Master bedroom since we moved here, you know as of paint & bedroom furniture. I thought to myself, I guess it's time to make our bedroom at least to look like one! haha no, seriously.. if I haven't moved that two Ikea drawers as a side drawers and if I didn't add that lamp & frames for is just the bed itself in our bedroom. lol

Here is the B E F O R E  picture:

A F T E R :

Back to how we've done it! I purchased a 5/8" plywood and cut down to 56x84".
I measured where I wanted the tufts to go; if you can see in the picture I drew it with a pencil so I knew where exactly I'll drill that hole. (I did a diamond shape) I placed the tufts, to get a better view of what I was doing.

I got the foam topper queen size and cut it to size.


Then, I drilled the foam too. 

then I put the batting for more comfy feel.

I just realized I don't have a picture when I was doing the tufting! I only got this picture..where I carefully tried to find the hole that I drilled and used an upholstery needle to insert the thread.

I did the cover buttons with this Dritz craft cover button kit that I got from Walmart.


It's easy! but when you make 14 or more of those..haha I don't know..your thumbs probably gonna tell you to stop! lol (but I used a rubber hammer to help secure it.) I got to tell you I ran out of fabric and then went back again..geez!! they don't have the same upholstered fabric the wrong fabric!!
For the nail trims, I tried the strip ones, I really didn't like it compare to the one I used here.

We also got a plywood cut to 72x13" for the side of the bed. I wrapped it with batting for a little bit of cushy feel before I place the fabric.


Then I stapled the fabric. I got the fabric at Joann's chosen by my hubby.


We assembled it inside the bedroom since we have King size, it will be hard for us to bring the bed frame from the garage up to the third floor.  Does it make sense? lol

my hubby secured it with this metal plates and also to hold it. Put down the bed slats for support.

 and more support.  I forgot to stain the legs dark though..will get into it as soon as I can. As for the total expense.It's only $300+! Yes! $300+ for an upholstered King size bed? I'll take that!! I have to find the receipt, so I can list the budget breakdown.

Here is our version of the tufted bed:

What do you think? Thanks for reading! Again Happy New Year!


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