How to Fix a Sagging Sofa Cushions

Monday, December 15, 2014

Our sectional sofa was given to us by a friend when we moved here and it was in great condition. Oh boy! having kids around jumping up & down..spills here..color/writings there..aaah just so active! This sofa is almost ready to retire! lol

No matter how careful you are with your sofa, time will eventually take its toll and you will see the cushions will start to sag. Aren't we all, sometimes try to fix something just to save us from buying a new one? as long as it is still fixable! right? Well, in our case we are definitely not ready to get a new one! lol

So here's a quick fix to a saggy sofa cushion: 

All you need to buy is this Polyfil. I bought a box of this and I have so much left over. (maybe I can make a throw pillow with it?) Anyways, just fill in your cushions with these and you can instantly see the difference. I'm lucky our sectional have zipper underneath the cushions, so all I did was put in some of the Poly-fil inside. 

 And there you have it! all puffy & cushy!

How easy is that right? Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!


  1. So did you just add poly fill with the original foam cushions inside? Or did you take out the foam cushions and then replace it with the poly fill? I can see a big difference in your sofa!

  2. Hi Jennifer!

    Yes, I just added the Poly-fil without replacing the old foam cushions..because when I tried it's so hard to take it out, it's like they are stuck I just filled them with the poly-fil! Thanks!


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