DIY Sectional Sofa Cover

Thursday, December 25, 2014
Hello! I am back with my Last project for this year 2014! Even with our busy schedules..with all the Christmas gifts shopping and Tree/Home decorating, Classes and other errands. I did squeeze this project just in time for Christmas! yay!

Like I said on my other post, we are not ready to buy a new set of sofa..I'm keeping this one for now until we are ready but I'm tired of the brown sectional.I wanted to change it without buying a new one and then I came across with all these DIY sofa slip cover at Pinterest. (pfff! and there is light bulb over my head! lol) I read kinds of tutorial online and then apply what is the best way for me or I'd say what works for me better! haha

I bought 3 of these canvas drop cloth at Lowes. I bleached the drop cloth in our tub, soaked them overnight and the next morning I washed & dried it in the machine. I didn't bleach them again because I'm tired of waiting! (the tutorial I've read, she did it 3 times to achieve a whiter color)  After it dried, I ironed it. I'm not really good at sewing! So I'm like how am I gonna do this?. I kept trying to sew the drop cloth together, but the portable sewing machine I have won't cooperate!
So I ended up stapling the drop cloth to the sectional. (I did try to take out the staple to see if it ruins the fabric, and to my surprise it didn't!)

Here's the B E F O R E + A F T E R:

my DIY Sectional sofa cover but I'd say more kinda like Re-upholstered Sectional! haha .. Oh, boy was it a hard work! I even stopped doing it because I thought why to continue if I'm not gonna like it after I'm done with it, but I think it turned out good it's not perfect, but I liked it.

And Yay I'm done for this year! It's been a great year! Hoping for blessed 2015! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Thanks for reading! Don't forget who is the true reason for this season!

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  1. You dud a really terrific job, it looks professional. I have a leather 4 pc sectional that my cat has ruined. I don't sew either and I don't think that I should staple the fabric to my sofa. Do you have any ideas that would not further damage the leather upholstery?


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