Repurpose a Ladder

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When I saw the pic of wooden ladder laying down on the dumpster area broadcasted to us via email by the Homeowner's association. (warning us about not ordinary household items e.g. TV’s, computers, any types of furniture may not be disposed of in the enclosures.) I guess some of our neighbors doesn't really care, they just throw it in there anyways. (smh) Certainly, I said to myself..Oh, I have to get that! I can add it to the powder room! 

Then I got a little bit problem, hubby is hesitant that I take it out from the dumpster area, haha but thanks to my sis in law. Moreover, we searched that dumpster til we found that ladder! haha like literally we looked at every garbage dumpster around our community!

and there she is!

B E F O R E :

A F T E R :

I cut the other part of the ladder using Dremel. I did sand it and primed it and then I painted it with nelson blue by Benjamin Moore, from my collection of paint samples! (trying to re-use everything for a budget friendly project) and after I painted it, I put some coat of Polyeutherane and let it cure/dry for 24hrs but I didn't really work on it after, I think, it probably sat in my garage for a week or two! hehe, I'm trying to finish another project of mine. Hmm, I tend to do other things sometimes, other than my current project plus, of course, I have to take care of my boys. I'm a multi-tasker! I'm telling ya'.. haha but as for now I'm trying to do things one at a time. 

B E F O R E :

I bought 3 metal baskets with a rope handle for $7.99. I thought it would match my mirror, but I didn't really like how the things inside are showing. In addition, I bought a drop cloth at Walmart and I made a basket liner out of it without sewing! (smiley face) I measured each side of the basket and I cut it according to the measurements and used a glue gun to stick the drop cloth together and glued it to the very top edge of the basket..of course I didn't take a picture again (hitting' my head). so sorry.

A F T E R :

Here is the up-close picture:

much better with the liner right? It's super easy to do!

and I bought these cute little jars with wooden lid at Homegoods for $6 and the coral for $4 at Marshals. The shells are my left over from the mirror project. Hey, I thought I might spend money on it since I didn't spend a dime on the ladder! hehe.. the ladder that I saw at Homegoods is the price of $69 and the one at Ikea is like $80 if I'm not mistaken. So I said to  myself, why not?! haha And if you are wondering about those things falling off, Don't worry! all secured and will not go anywhere! haha, I glued the jars and the coral and as for the basket I stapled them to the ladder, for safety purposes as well. 
Thanks for reading! Til' my next project!


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