Guest Bedroom Revamp

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our guest bedroom's been empty for like, hmm I think since we moved here! and that is a year and a half ago, finally got the chance to do something with it and make it more inviting for our family and friends who comes over. 

B E F O R E : 

A F T E R :

I've been eyeing this wallpaper at Target for quite some time now, it's a little bit pricey for 27.5 sq ft but when I saw it for sale .. I grabbed one quickly! It was sale for $20 over $29.99 per 27.5 sq ft rolls..So I came back the other day to get some more and yeah what can I say. it's meant to be haha the price dropped to $14.89 and I grabbed 3 more. 

It was an easy application, it's a peel & stick wallpaper! I am 2 or 3 inches short, though, I ran out of wallpaper. yikes! gotta get some more!! Hoping there will be more! *crossed fingers*

And there is my accent wall, probably will just paint the rest of the wall the same gray color on the wallpaper (maybe in summer). Here's the view from the window side.

Oh well, is it just me that feels like there's something missing in this room or what?.. oh yeah that's what I thought when I stare at this wall! So I'm like.. should I buy a bed frame or headboard? or better yet put to action that Headboard Tutorial I've been reading about? Let's see how it's gonna be! haha.. Well, of course, you know where I ended up doing..Read more here for the DIY headboard Tutorial .

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