DIY Nautical Mirror

Saturday, November 1, 2014

was looking to buy a mirror for our powder room when suddenly I thought maybe I can do something about this plain old' mirror! so I searched online for some inspiration like this and this. 

And I came up with this:

A F T E R :

(Sorry for the pic, the light was too bright)
B E F O R E :

Then I decided I'm going for a" beach theme" in the powder room since I did this rope & starfish, shell

So here's how I did it:

I took down the mirror and start working on it! I bought 25ft of rope at Home depot for $16 and seashells on a bag for $7.99 at Michaels. I already have the glue gun. So it's $23.99 for this project! pretty affordable huh? hehe

but skip the glue gun thing, it really didn't hold my rope!!and I'm very disappointed but for the shells & starfish I still used the glue gun. I thought was going crazy trying to stick this thing to the mirror.. then the hubby suggested I use silicon, so we tried and yeah it worked!

I'm finishing up my powder room and soon will post it! But here is what I've done so far :)
I painted the walls & ceiling light blu-ish green..I also DIY a ladder that I got from the garbage. I will keep you posted! 

Thanks for reading! Til' next time!


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