DIY Headboard Tutorial

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So here is my easy peasy DIY Headboard tutorial..well it's not only easy but it's also affordable all you need is your time and effort to do this thing..of course a little bit of money! hehe ..For the fabric, I used the drop cloth because I still have like 2 yards left over from the basket liner project .. so why not use it?! I gathered all my supplies and checked which I still needed to buy at the store. Hmm, it turns out I still needed a lot of materials. 

So I went to Home depot. I bought a piece of 5/8-inch thick plywood cut down to 65"x36". I actually had them cut it to the middle so it will fit in my SUV..I also took with me all the left over from the whole thing. 

When I came home. I called my hubby (to do the hammering/ nailing for me) We used the scrap to hold the plywood together.

and we used a saw to cut a two 17 inch plywood from extra pieces to use as legs. After that I measured the sides, I left an inch mark for spacing for the Nailhead trims then cut the foam according to the size I did. I used a foam topper instead of the custom size you get at Joann's and online. I bought mine at Walmart's because it is much cheaper. I glued the foam to the plywood so it won't move.
This is the Headboard assembled all together with the batting & foam stapled down.I doubled mine since one foam is just not too cushy for us. It's personal preference!Well, it really depends on you how thick you want to go with your foam.

Here's the front view..with the foam and batting for a soft & comfy headboard:

So, before I stapled the drop cloth. I washed it first and then ironed it. Don't skip this part! It is very important. 

Here's the front view:

After I'm done with all the stapling part..(oh boy I'm telling you! you are gonna use many staples!) It's time for the hammering part! which I also got at Walmart's.

I left an inch space for the nailhead trim because I think it won't hold it if I pushed it through the thick foam. Nails is 2 inches apart..I worked all the way to both sides. I didn't go around since the bottom part is not really visible and besides my hands is so tired with all the nailing.

And there! I'm finished! Whew! 

B E F O R E :

A F T E R :

better with the headboard right? 

As for the budget breakdown:

Plywood (total is $26, but I got $10 gift card plus tax): $23
Batting (queen size): $11.97
2 Foam Topper (Full size): $23.74 ($11.87)
Glue Spray: $8.97
4 packs of Nailhead trims: $5.48 ($1.37 each)
Heavy-duty Stapler & staples (owned) : $0
Fabric which is the Drop cloth (have one already): $0

Total spent : $73.16!

Compare to the one I wanted at Target here and other stores that sell Headboard priced for $200 - $400 range. I'll take the latter, please! So any Guests who want to sleep over? lol

Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 


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