DIY Pumpkin Pot

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally, Fall is here! Brrrr.. but I think it's much colder this time compare to last year's autumn! oh the changing fall foliage, it never fails to surprise & delight me! and one more thing! it means Fall decorations is everywhere! Yay!!

My DIY pumpkin pot! It's a lot of work but fun! I just wanted to make our front doorstep a little fall inviting!

Here's how to do it:

You'll need a pumpkin & hardy mums! You can get different colors for mums, it's really up to you ;) you can choose any kind of flower you want actually!

Just cut an opening, but you want to make sure you don't cut too low coz the pot is gonna show, what I did is I measure the height of the pot by 
putting it besides the pumpkin & then start cutting it out.

Here's the fun part! haha cleaning this pumpkin out! Just use a spoon to clean the inside, sometimes you have to use your hands. Ignore the spoon for the rice, I changed it to a silver spoon, much easier than the rice thingy and when it's all cleaned up .. ta-da!

Just put the mums! there you have it! And I'm still waiting for it to bloom :)

Here's where I put for Fall decoration.

 When I looked this up at Pinterest for Inspiration, I find out that they use a faux pumpkin instead of a real one..I'm like, oh man!! I should have just done that! but when I went to Michael's, I saw how much the artificial pumpkin was, and I'm like..whooaa! now I don't feel bad about using a real one because the faux is too darn expensive! $14 bucks vs $4.88?  Okay, I'm good with $ but I hope it'll last until thanksgiving atleast..*fingers crossed*--

Thank you so much for your time! I hope you enjoy reading it! 


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