Burlap Wreath to welcome ya!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY wreath inspired by a friend who DIYed a wreath! Make this for a holiday like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas or just for plain decor, it doesn't have to be a holiday! and it's very cheap compared to the already made one you can buy which I think is overpriced! lol

I did a two tone color but same material.I used burlap roll, I got from walmart..and just watch a tutorial on youtube! You'll need a wreath wire & material you want to use, it's very easy.. but I did have a struggle with this maybe because I did a two color? lol or it's just the burlap that I got is so wide..and that it's a first for me but anyways I hope you enjoy it as much as I did this project! 


much better right? and yeah I added some purple-ish mums!  

Thanks! Have a great day!


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