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Sunday, September 7, 2014

I always dreamed of having a Mudroom since I went to Norway, I just fell in love with the Scandinavian Style. This townhouse doesn't have a mudroom or closet near our entrance, so my imagination kicks in!! I really wanted to add a mudroom in the basement! Of course, I can't do this without my hubby. (Sometimes, I'm just the designer/planner and he gets it done, really! haha) I think this is the biggest project yet we've ever done in the house along with the whole basement makeover. 

Project Mudroom begins:

We took out the carpet & then the baseboard, cleaned the surface then layout some tiles, then cutting & grouting, etc. (with got help from my brother in law)

After finishing the tiles, our next step is to build a closet. (I was inspired by this Ikea Hack.)

We went to Ikea & bought only the sliding (mirror) door of this wardrobe(picture below). You might ask why we just didn't buy the whole thing? Hmmm just for the door & the base, it will run you $884 plus taxes. It doesn't include all the rods & drawers or the shelf inside! Boo!! Well, we actually considered just buying it, just to get it done! ha!(smh) but when we realize how much all the shelf & drawers that we wanted to go with that closet, we might end up paying more than a thousand buckaroos for it. So off we go with just the sliding door that cost half of it! We paid like $400+.. so we saved some couple of hundreds right there, honey.

Then back to our original plan! Build that Closet!! This is how it was constructed:

then as you can see, we put the Sliding (Mirror) door. What a Perfect fit, right?
We put up the drywall then patch it, so we can start painting it!

This is the view from the back

After we painted it:


And this is what we did inside the closet, so we can fit all of our winter coats. We don't have to go all the way up just to get our coats & other winter accessories! It is right where I want it to be :) the other side is where my kids winter jackets are. 

So that is our DIY Mudroom :)

This is the hook I used :
Here is the updates I've done so far :

I added some artworks, painted the walls gray owl by Benjamin Moore & the added runner from Target, I also spray paint the door knob black as well (soon to post). But didn't change the lighting yet! Will update more in our mudroom. I'd say I'm 85% here in progress. 

Key hooks from Target which designed by my fave blog YHL

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

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