Let's DIY a Corkboard!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is an easy project! maybe you want or try to make one for your home! I wanted a big corkboard where I can display all my kids arts & crafts, school materials  & hang in some important papers that need our attention or something. 

I bought a Cork Roll at Michael's .. like this: 

I bought 4 of those, then I got trims/molding at Home depot,  so I can use it as a frame. 
I recommend that you buy a plywood for the base/ back of it (if you are doing this project) because when we did this, we decided to glue it on the wall! yikes! I know, we are just so lazy at the moment! We don't want to run back to the store to get some plywoods.. so that cork board is not going anywhere anytime soon or shall I say never?! so yeah hubby glued it to the wall with the tacky glue, then we just let it dry for the night..

So sorry.. I didn't have any pictures of it while we are doing it..but anyway the next day, I cut all the trims and nailed it at every end of the cork roll. Voila! You have it! I didn't paint, if you are wondering, the other side of it was already in color green.

 Let's take a look again:

And then I put buntings to add some color!

Look closer:

Thanks for reading! 


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