Basement turns into Playroom/Office

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yup! Our basement turned into a playroom + my office! (well, the office is still in progress ) This is what the basement/playroom looks like before! You can tell I need a serious clean up for this one! I call it a toyphoon!! (one of the joys of parenting!) haha  


I'm really not a fan of a wall to wall carpets. Area rugs yes! love them!! So major makeover here is to take out the carpets and put some floors, I love the looks of dark floors, so we look into different kinds of floors.. hardwood, laminate & & in stores but of course without breaking our set budget. After we've done our assignment (which is reading reviews online about floors), we decided to get the laminate floor for this project. (that's all we can afford anyway!haha) We choose the farmstead hickory dark floors at home depot. We love it! hehe

So here's how my awesome hubby did our floors. It's actually an easy installation because of its user-friendly locking technology! We don't have to buy or rent those hardwood floors nail gun. (or whatever you call them). 

 Looking good, right? Hubby did an awesome job!

After Installing the laminate floors, we installed this Ikea Besta Tv/Media Storage. You can actually choose the cabinet doors & the shelves you wanna put in. It's mix & match kinda thing.

We actually waited a year before we painted it, so when I got back from my vacation from the Philippines. It's painting time! hehe and I am so excited!!

This is the A F T E R :

I painted it Breaker by Behr, It's a happy color! And added some picture frames & will add some more, still trying to figure it out.

And I also change the frame of  my hubby's work!

And more DIY Additions

View from the entrance: 

I'll soon post about my DIY CorkBoard & Herringbone Stenciled wall & about my office desk :) 
Still in progress! but It's going there! hehe..til' then! 

Hello! I finally posted the DIY CorkBoard & Herringbone Stenciled wall! Please Don't forget to check that out as well. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

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  1. You should put my picture on your wall... it will be awesome


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