House hunting done!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yay!! Welcome to my first post ever, *warning- might be too long for starters!* I'm so thrilled that finally I find the courage to create a blog whereas I will try my best to share my thoughts, experience & maybe all the costs (for those who likes to budget me!) of my little DIY projects. Hoping to be all budget friendly and probably some other things in Life too.

We wanted to save money, that's why we try to DIY something that we know our budget can't afford!! Raise your hands for those who can relate much! But that's fine, sometimes we have to splurge once in a while right?

So, Here is our humble townhouse, somewhere in Upstate, NY. Where we moved from the Bronx! I always say from the Good side of the Bronx. haha (Riverdale area) 60 something miles far north from where we used to live. From city to suburbs. Super duper different! We love how quiet & so relaxing the place is and best of all, backyard for the kids to run around! *Happy Dance* lol 

Anyway, as far as we wanted to decorate the Inside We might don't have any leeway in making changes to the exterior of our own home! So No DIY's outside. (except we can build bigger deck!So yay for that!) So hoping to share this journey to you guys, as we make our home beautiful :)  

Thanks for your time! I hope you enjoy it!


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