DIY Chalk & Magnetic Board

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My hubby & I did this project, can't find the size I really like. So I decided to just make one ourselves. Of course a DIY project!
The chalkboard is as-is, we bought it at Home depot, we just added a frame (I forgot, how much it is) and for the magnetic board.I bought the Rust-oleum magnetic paint for $19 bucks. Then we just added the frames which we also got from Home depot. We already have plenty of nails at home that we used for this project. 


This is what I've used:

You guys can use it to for your To Do's or for kids to draw on like mine does, they even draw at the magnetic one as if it was a chalkboard too..smh* oh kids! and for the magnetic, I will use it to display my son's artworks & other school stuff like their calendar & homework but in the picture you can see I already took it down because school is over & I actually DIY a Big corkboard at the playroom. 
Anyways, Thanks for reading!  Til' next time folks :) 

Ps. Don't mind my To Do's. haha


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